Competing for attention is harder than ever. And in today’s fast-paced, automated world, people are yearning for human connection. To build that connection – and compete in today’s market – businesses can’t afford to remain a faceless brand.

It’s just not enough to have a fantastic product or high quality service. You need to be able to set yourself apart, and talk about your brand in a way that really makes people sit up and take notice.

The best way to connect in today’s crowded marketplace is by stepping away from traditional sales language and simply pushing your products and services.

Sharing your values and connecting with your audience on a more personal, authentic level is the more effective way to deliver a compelling proposition.

And when you genuinely connect with people, they’re much more likely to engage with you, your brand, and stay loyal.

All well and good, but where to start? How do you even know what your brand story is? Then how do you tell it? Read on for our 5 tips for telling your brand story.

Get creative

Your story is your vision, your mission, and your values. Why does your brand exist? Why was it launched? Where’s it going? Who’s it helping?

At Astley Media, we run Discovery Sessions with our clients to take them deep into the heart and soul of their brand. Oftentimes, you might think you know what your brand’s all about, but in reality, it’s a lot bigger than that. Spend time talking to your wider team, finding out what they think drives your brand.

Spend time mapping out potential stories. Plan them, craft them, deliver them. Develop engaging, authentic content sharing your story and vision. Shout about your achievements, values, and where you’re headed.

Think visually

Stories come alive with video and imagery. Avoid dull blogs – if you’re passionate about your tech, be passionate about your story! Talk on podcasts. Share quick, punchy articles offering something genuinely useful, interesting, and valuable. Run a webinar series. Speak at events. Think outside of the box – the more ways you reach out, the more people you will connect with.

Use others

Source stories from your customers. Celebrating others garners respect and let’s others do the talking. You rave about your brand. It’s more powerful if others do too. 

Share your story far and wide. Tell stories from your immediate community – your team, clients, customers, partnerships. People love hearing, and talking, about themselves. If you’re the one wanting to talk about them? They’ll reach out, get involved, and share your story in their own spaces.


Use the power of the network. Partner up with others in your space to support each other and share each other’s stories. Bring in different thought-leaders on mutual topics, ideas, events and initiatives. The more people you involve in your story-telling, the more creativity, variety and, of course, sharing will occur!

Open up

People love authenticity and honesty. Consider how much you can reveal about your brand, your company, the challenges, and failures alongside the successes. If you present a perfect picture of brilliance, how will that capture attention? But if you present a story brimming with highs and lows, epic fails, and spectacular comebacks! Now that’s a story people want to hear about.

People connect with something real. The more of that you can offer, the better your storytelling will be.


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