We’re excited to announce the launch of our Tech Leaders’ Brand Insights report. The report has been contributed to by over 30 tech leaders, and provides a range of fascinating findings on the marketing environment of tech in the South West.


The findings

The visions of tech companies across various areas of tech are set out, highlighting the potential future direction of the sector’s growth.

Caroline Orr, Marketing Director at Astley Media, said: “It’s brilliant to see the South West’s tech sector is being driven by forward-focused companies. Tech leaders have their sights set on new markets and products, and it’s exciting to see the region become a true world-leading hub for brilliant tech brands.”

The report also identifies the biggest challenges faced across the region, including recruitment and funding, and how the tech community can tackle them.

Dan Pritchard, Managing Director at Astley Media and Co-Founder of Tech South West, said: “It’s vital that tech brands work together to tackle the challenges facing the sector, in the South West and beyond. This report offers tech leaders ways to use their brand and marketing to showcase both themselves, and the region’s tech community as a whole, to help bring more talent, funding, and investment into the area.”

The South West boasts innovative companies in everything from cleantech to bio tech to space tech, paving the way for the region’s fastest-growing sector to become ever more world-leading.


What next?

The challenge for tech brands now is to work together to showcase the incredible work happening in the region, to attract inward investment and much-needed talent. But how do we do that? Download the report to find out how tech brands can utilise marketing to attract more talent, funding, and attention – both for themselves, and for the wider ecosystem.


Download your free copy of the report here.


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