Wednesday 27th March became a day of learning, lectures and lots of chocolate as we travelled to the ExCel in London to represent Astley Media at the B2B Marketing Expo 2019. Here’s 4 things we learnt…

1. Strong core values should be ingrained throughout a brand

We listened to a fantastic talk from one of clothing company Seasalt’s marketing team on how important it is for a company’s values and mission to be a part of everything they do. The Seasalt brand devotes itself to having a positive impact on the world and producing products in a responsible way, and this mentality is ingrained into everything from designs, sourcing materials, brand marketing, running of stores and staffing. As a result, Seasalt have an incredibly strong and consistent brand identity which is easily communicated to consumers. At Astley Media, we have recently been reassessing our own brand identity and establishing our core values and mission so it was really interesting for us to see a great example of brand authenticity.

2. Freebies never go a-miss

A Give Away winner at the London B2B Marketing Expo

Not going to lie, we’re a sucker for freebies. Place a box of Cadbury Creme Eggs on your exhibition counter and you don’t have to ask us twice to pay you a visit.

We picked up rather a large amount of freebies and giveaways on the day including a slinky, a portable phone charger, several pens and a three-foot chocolate bar which Leah won on a Wheel of Fortune!

The four bags of goodies we brought home that day probably reflected our own greedy inner chocolate-fanatics, however it also demonstrated that brands who are prepared to give, are more likely to attract and engage more business. It was certainly interesting to see what entices people to pay a stand a visit.

3. Clever marketing tactics pay off

Aside from the inevitable lure of a cream egg or a free pen, we also found that clever marketing stunts and props were also successful in turning our heads and capturing our attention at the Expo. For example, exhibitors from marketing software company Wired Plus dressed up in lab coats and featured a line of test tubes on their stand, each containing a luminous or brightly-coloured liquid. When we asked what they were, we were told: “this is the medicine to your marketing needs, the antidote to your marketing solution!” Meanwhile, website personalisation brand Webeo offered visitors a personalised chocolate bar sculpted in the shape of their face using a 3D printer! Both quirky yet innovative stunts that made us laugh and more importantly, stuck in our memories. It just goes to show that clever marketing tactics are effective ways of getting your company name out there and getting your brand talked about.

4. The power of influencers

A session on influencer marketing at the London B2B Marketing Expo

One session we particularly enjoyed was a talk on ‘Influencer Marketing: The Heroes and Zeros’ by PMYB co-founder and MD Rohan Midha. Rohan gave a great insight into the benefits of influencers marketing and how brand collaborations with influential online figures and celebrities can completely transform marketing campaigns and enable them to reach a much larger audience and demographic.

Rohan used the controversial Fyre Festival as a prime example of the power of influencers and the sometimes tragic outcomes if you don’t get it right. For those of you who haven’t seen the Netflix documentaryon the ill-fated festival, we highly recommend!