This month, our Account Manager Elle Taylor will be embarking on one of her biggest challenges yet, all in the name of charity.

Starting on the August bank-holiday weekend, Elle, along with her husband Stuart, will be taking their first steps on a two-week, non-stop sponsored trek along the famous South West Coast Path.

This coastal path is an immense feat. Taking the title of England’s longest waymarked long-distance footpath, the route stretches for a total of 630 miles, starting in Somerset and running along the coasts of Devon and Cornwall, to Poole Harbour in Dorset.

Elle and Stuart will be starting the adventure from Minehead in Somerset, and will travel as far as possible along the South West Coast Path within the two weeks. The couple will be camping overnight in many of the beautiful locations along the way and all money raised as part of their trek will go towards local charity, the Exeter Foundation.

The brainchild of Chairman Tony Rowe OBE, the Exeter Chief’s Foundation was set up in 2011 with the sole purpose of helping other charities. Since it’s conception, the Foundation has raised almost £2million, and has helped over 120 different projects, charities, and organisations including the likes of Age UK and Citizens Advice. The Foundation has always been keen for the money it raises to be donated to tangible causes such as these, where it is possible to see first-hand the difference that it can make to the lives of so many in the region. 

The funds raised by Elle and Stuart will be distributed equally by the Foundation among their great number of designated charities, which range from Surf Life Saving GB to Brain Tumour Support. Elle hopes that the walk will be a fantastic way to contribute to the local community, and to help to support causes which matter in the area.

As well as its incredible social mobility benefits, this journey is also a personal one for Elle. The decision to embark on the adventure came when her and Stuart decided that they wanted to try something different – something that would test their limits and push the boundaries of their comfort-zones. For them, the walk will be an opportunity to demonstrate self-determination and to prove to themselves that they can succeed in the challenge even when it starts to get difficult.  

Elle said: “It’s definitely a journey about perseverance and personal growth. I am excited to see how far we will be able to get along the coastal path, and how much our determination and persistence will carry us forward over the days. I hope we might surprise ourselves!”

Preparation for the walk has been extensive. Elle has carried out research to determine the most effective packing methods for extended camping trips, as well as the items that will prove to be the most valuable along her way. She has also begun training for the adventure, in order to prepare herself both mentally and physically for the amount of walking that she will be doing over the two week time period. 

Cheered on by their friends and family members who will meet with them along their journey to offer moral support and help to restock their supplies, Elle and Stuart have a huge support-network. Everybody is delighted to see money being raised for such a wide range of  excellent causes throughout the region, and eager to see how the journey along the Coast Path progresses. 

While they will spend a large part of their days walking solidly, they are also eager for the journey to be an opportunity to go back to basics, enjoy the little things in life, and gain a fresh perspective. Elle has vowed to take breaks from walking when needed, and spend some time admiring the beautiful coastal landscapes, and enjoying delicious treats from local eateries. 

Elle and Stuart hope to finish the walk having raised a notable amount of money for the Exeter Foundation and having learnt a great deal about their strength of character in the process. It is an opportunity for them to undertake a new adventure whilst trying their best to help others. 

Elle said “I’m delighted that the funds we are raising on our walk are going to be directly benefiting the local community. I’m also excited to push myself and learn more about who I am as a person. I am certain that it is going to be an incredibly rewarding and worthwhile journey”. 

If you want to help support Elle and Stu on their journey, here is a link to the fundraising page. Be sure to check out the Exeter Foundation to find out more about how you can get involved in its projects and help some incredible charities in the local area.