By Laura Bond

With so many invitations flying around to attend the latest networking session, the newest bar unveiling or product launch, how do you ensure that you create an amazing event, well attended, that people will remember and talk about long after?

We love to get creative and work closely with our clients to ensure their objectives for an event are met, but mostly we pride ourselves on the detail, after all it’s the little things that matter and can make or break a memorable event.

Here are our top tips on throwing a successful event:

Make sure you are clear on why you are holding an event and what you want to achieve from it. Do you want to encourage networking? Are you launching a new product? Perhaps you are celebrating a business anniversary? Whatever your goal is, ensure you have clear objectives i.e. to raise over £1,000 for charity, or to secure 5 business leads.

Plan, plan and plan, particularly for the unexpected, make sure you map out, in detail, the timings of the event, what’s happening when, where people need to be and what equipment you require. The more detailed in your planning you can be, the more seamless your event will be when executed. Don’t underestimate the amount of time that goes into planning, organising and running an event.

Pick the correct venue for your event; size, equipment, accessibility and catering are all important factors when choosing the right venue for your target audience.

Stand above the other invites out there, what makes your event so different or appealing? If appropriate, theme the event, ensure you are clear on your target audience, and communicate why people should take time out of their busy schedules to attend i.e. do you have a particularly famous speaker at your conference?

Attention to detail – at the planning stage, take into account the smallest (often seemingly irrelevant) details, it really can make or break an event, have someone on hand to greet guests on arrival, pay attention to room decoration, have the relevant materials available in workshops, handouts and work books, order gift bags and ensure directional signage is correctly placed, pick appropriate background music and position your own business branding. Also consider hiring photographers and videographers particularly if you want to shout about your event afterwards to the press.

Many hands make light work – make sure you have a team around you that are all fully briefed and aligned to the businesses objectives to ensure the successful and smooth running of the event. Always have a person or ‘runner’ free to troubleshoot any last minute changes (there are always last minute changes!)

Distribute photos and press releases to relevant trade and local media and review your event, taking into account the objectives you set, communicate and thank your guests for attending.

Our most recent event was the unveiling of ‘The Orangery’. Are you looking to create events as part of your business generation and marketing? Contact us by emailing or call us on 01392 267390