By Marc Astley,

It’s not often that I rave about a visit to a hotel loo.

But now I am going to.

Astley Media used the stunning Deer Park Hotel, near Honiton, as the base for our recent Fast Track To Growth Day

Wherever you look around the hotel there is artwork, artefacts and items of interest… including the toilets!

I visited the bathroom and was still there 20 minutes later looking at the sporting memorabilia on display.

We often talk to our clients about the experiences they create and the way they make clients feel when they visit their premises.

Well, if you want a master class in the subject, take a trip to the Deer Park Hotel, enjoy the glorious surroundings, buy a drink or, even better, something to eat and … spend a penny.

These days people expect you to offer a brilliant service and to be exceptional at what you do.

To really wow them you need to offer something different – like a sports museum in your public convenience, for example…

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