By Marc Astley

CEO Marc blogs about the importance of your marketing messages matching the customer’s experience.

I stayed at a rather posh hotel in London recently on the recommendation of a friend.

It was smart, chic, in a nice location, and I hated it!


The staff. They just didn’t care.

Not one of them smiled, not one of them greeted me at breakfast, not one of them made me feel welcome.

The brochure in my room told me a different story. It told me how important I was to them, how they valued my opinion how they would be at my beck and call 24/7.

It was all bullsh*t and I didn’t buy it.

This is what happens when your marketing messages and material aren’t aligned with your delivery.

If you care about me, smile, don’t write it in a fancy brochure. If I’m valued, ask me how I am. If you’re at my service, make me feel like you actually want to do the job your being paid for.

A few weeks later I stayed at a budget chain hotel, The Premier Inn, and it was great.

The staff couldn’t be friendlier, the room didn’t promise me anything that wasn’t delivered and I actually felt as though they were happy for me to be there!

Now, one of my colleagues has pointed out that this all may be down to me being more of a Premier Inn than a luxury hotel sort of guy and that’s probably true.

But I am also someone who values authenticity over hollow marketing mush.

Take a moment to reflect on that. Is your business writing cheques that your team can’t cash?

Authenticity and belief will become increasingly important in this homogenised and automated world we are hurling towards.

If you don’t have either, ask yourself why not.