By Marc Astley

The job of greeting hotel guests at the breakfast restaurant is no big deal, right?

You say hello, check their name off the list, walk them to their table and ask if they want tea or coffee.

They forget you, you forget them and get on with your day.


That’s how the job is done a million times, every day all over the world… unless you are Molly.

Molly is one of the newest recruits at Exeter’s Mercure Southgate Hotel and she is one of their best marketing people.

Hang on, I hear you say. I thought you said she was the person who greeted you at the breakfast restaurant reception…?

Well she is, and the way she goes about her job is worth more than any glossy advertisement, special offer or fancy reception area.

Here is what she does:

She doesn’t ask for your name (after your first visit) she remembers it. To Molly you are a guest, not a room number

She asks how you are

She smiles! I’m constantly amazed at how few people smile in business these days. If you’re happy, I’m more likely to be happy.

She walks with purpose! If you shuffle around with hunched shoulders, the message you are giving to the world is: “I don’t really care about what I’m doing… In fact I don’t want to be here.”

She observes. Molly is always on the look out for a guest wanting a refill, a table that needs clearing or someone new appearing at the restaurant

She says goodbye, again with a smile

All of the above means she gets your day off to a great start and makes you want to come back

Read all of that again.

Simple, isn’t it. Doesn’t cost anything, really, does it?

But, how often do your staff conduct themselves like Molly?

Here at Astley Media, we say that marketing is about everything you do… From the way you answer the phone to the condition of the company vehicles.

Or to put it simply… be more like Molly!