CEO Marc Astley gives you his thoughts on fictional branding and why it is important to stay authentic…

Tesco fictional farm brandingI can’t keep it in any longer… I despise Tesco’s fictional farm branding.

Introduced earlier this year, the marketing initiative is, to me, an insult.

In case you missed it, the retail giant has introduced seven new ‘brands’ with alluring names such as Woodside Farms and Willow Farms.

The only problem is that they don’t exist as places…

A punnet of strawberries I picked up bore the Rosedene Farms label which features a quintessentially British tree.

However, the fruit inside was from Morocco.

At Astley Media we believe that authenticity, creativity and belief are disciplines that all businesses need to embrace as the world becomes increasingly homogenised.

Your customers need to believe in you, what you do, what you stand for and what you care about.

So what does Woodside Farms say about Tesco?

For me it says:

We have little or no respect for the tradition of food production in the UK

Brand and imagery are more important than authenticity

Our customers are dumb

Artificial trumps artisan

Fake is our fortune

If you are planning a rebrand, please take a look at what Tesco has done in this instance and… DO THE OPPOSITE!

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