By Marc Astley

I booked in to a Premier Inn just a few days ago and came across a great example of a heartfelt gesture which was actually a brilliant PR exercise.

The team there had simply written a note warning drivers about the impending cold weather and left a bottle of de-icer and a bunch of scrapers for people to borrow.


This idea demonstrated that the staff a) cared for and b) thought about their customers.

Not only that, it would potentially improve safety on the roads.

I asked the receptionist just who was behind the initiative and he explained that the management team were given a small budget each month to spend creatively.

And wow! Had these guys delivered.

Another example of their thoughtfulness was a bunch of colouring crayons and pads for children to take to their rooms.

I love the simplicity of these ideas, and the fact that they were not, in origin, PR driven.

In fact, I cannot remember any of the marketing messages in my room or around the hotel… but, I have told everyone who will listen about the note and the de-icer.

Step forward the staff at Premier Inn Fitzroy Road, Exeter.

I salute you!