With the sound of fireworks over (well nearly, I can still hear a few pops and bangs whilst writing this), so begins the rush for brands to remind us that Christmas is fast approaching – 44 days and counting!

None so more than the big stores, including the mighty John Lewis who have built a tribe of fans who eagerly anticipate what tear jerker they are going to produce each year. Their latest campaign The Man on the Moon, has a message about showing someone they are loved this Christmas and is currently standing at over 11 million views on You Tube.

John Lewis has also teamed up with the charity Age UK to highlight that a million older people often go a month without speaking to anyone.

So what’s the secret to the campaign’s success?

Often reference is made to the fact that John Lewis isn’t showcasing their shops or the latest range of must have gifts and gadgets through the adverts, but that’s not what it’s about.

Clever consumer marketing campaigns are often built upon great stories, that touch us emotionally, whether that is happiness, sadness or even sometimes anger.

And it’s not just about a TV ad. A whole host of content has been created for The Man on the Moon, both digitally and physically including an app and in-store ‘moons’ where you can sit on the bench and look through telescopes. Social media has gone crazy for the campaign – they are certainly creating conversations!

Whilst a telescope might feature heavily on Christmas lists this year, John Lewis will also likely to be looking to re-enforce their brand image by encouraging people to share the love and support Age UK. Of course with a positive image people are more likely to shop with them, show loyalty and become advocates.

So how does this help other consumer brands?

It is a reminder to re-visit your marketing strategy, think about what stories you are telling and the content you are creating – is it shareable, does it engage people emotionally and does it support your desired image? Are you building your tribe of advocates?

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