By Marc Astley

I’m annoyed and I feel let down.

I thought I had found a company that was authentic and that provided great value for money.

Tempted as I am to name them, I won’t but, suffice to say, they sell quality children’s toys.

I must have spent the best part of £500 with this company over the past couple of years.

In fact, I was so impressed with them that I passed on their details to my sister (who lives 200 miles away) so that she could purchase a Christmas gift for her niece through them.

So far, so good. Until…

This morning, in the post, I received their new brochure and, as my sister had posted to our address, hers arrived too.

At first I was delighted to see that as a ‘loyal customer’ I was being offered a 15 per cent discount on my next order.

But then, in an instant, they lost me as a customer.

Why? Because my sister, who had spent much less than me had been offered a 20 per cent discount!

A classic case of neglecting loyal clients in the pursuit of new business.

I know this has been standard practice for years but, as consumers, we have become far more savvy and this practice simply has to stop.

I have voted with my wallet… and if a company treats you with similar disdain, I suggest you do too.

Meanwhile, if you are in business please don’t be this dumb.