By Dan Pritchard

Astley Media’s Managing Director, Dan Pritchard ponders the art of giving.

Slow down. Stop.

I’m stuck in bed after a minor op, one of those that brings discomfort and the need to take it easy, but that’s about it. Nothing really. But here I am, in bed, laptop nestled gently on a pillow, spreading the weight into a feeling of ‘almost comfortable’.

You work, therefore you are creative. Don’t let the creative industries have all the fun.

As I approached departure from a multi-national corporate, where I definitely had a lot of fun, learnt plenty and made many friends, I now realise I was setting up the next phase of my life based on one thing – people.

Looking back, I was creating a path that had the potential to quickly fill up again. No independence, no being on my own, no solitary consultant approach. I needed people.

And that’s what has happened at Astley Media, on the inside, on the outside.

Lots of clients means lots of people – with many ways of working, different passions and creative moments – and I get to work with them. I’m very happy about that.

And lots of great clients means we need lots of wonderful people at Astley Media, specialists in many things, but most importantly, human beings who want to do the right thing – get creative, get results, make friends, have fun.

Perhaps that should be the new Astley Media vision – get creative, get results, make friends, have fun.

One way we manifest this approach is Step Three of our Creating Conversations Model – Be a Go Giver.

I urge you to have fun and make friends by doing the right things for the right reasons – be nice, start giving and don’t expect anything in return.

It’s a win-win.

Either, you’ll feel good about being and doing good and that’s fine and that’s enough. But maybe, unexpectedly positive events may start to occur as well.

So why wouldn’t you do it? And, more importantly, how can you give yourself the time to build this go-giving approach into your way of doing things, permanently?

Go figure.