By Marc Astley

Unless you are a fight fan you won’t have a clue who the man on the left of this picture is.

So let me enlighten you.

His name is Paulie Malignaggi and less than an hour before this picture was taken, he was sprawled on the floor of a boxing ring unable to breathe after being hit with a rib-crunching punch from a rival fighter 13 years his junior.

An American Italian, Malignaggi is a former two-weight world champion but has recently started to carve out a new career as a pundit.

The punch which floored him also ended his career. He has announced his retirement.

And millions watched his downfall.

But, rather than mope in his dressing room, or back at the hotel, he got suited and booted, grabbed a pair of shades to cover his bruised and battered eyes and joined his colleagues on the Sky commentary team

Is he a bit odd? Absolutely not.

This is what happens when your job is your passion.

You get a kick from it, which means you want to keep doing it , which means you get better at it… which means you get a kick from it.

It’s a virtuous circle.

Unless you are spending your working days doing something that you are wide-eyed in love with, why are you bothering?

You are most likely not giving your best, the people you serve are not receiving your best and that is, well, unforgivable.

As someone who has always followed his heart when it comes to his career, I implore you not to spend another day giving yourself to something that doesn’t matter.

Life really is too short.