CEO Marc talks about how the world is in chaos and why you need to start embracing it now.

Oxford University academics have predicted that a third of white collar jobs in the UK will be automated by 2030, robots are already doing the jobs of security guards and driverless cars are a reality.

Welcome to 2015. Welcome to chaos.

For no matter what industry or profession you are in, things are about to change… forever.

The question is, are you ready? Have you dared to look into the future.

If the answer to both of those questions is ‘no’, you’re storing up trouble and potentially terminal decline.

Twenty years ago it was unthinkable that newspapers would lose their monopoly on classified advertising. It’s now all but vanished.

Ten years ago book-sellers thought the biggest threat to their businesses was the large chains, then came along Amazon.

Five years ago drones were the preserve of the military. Now they are available in the high street.

The world is changing faster than ever before and a machine is after your job.

So what to do? Here are my three tips:

1) Ask if your organisiation is too stable. Stable organisations are great in stable environments but they are not best equipped to deal with rapid change. If your board of directors doesn’t fairly represent the audience you serve, something seriously wrong is going down.

2) Ask the women and young people in your organisation to contribute ideas. In 90 per cent of businesses these two groups will be woefully ignored because they don’t hold positions of power. Your loss.

3) Practice ‘edgecraft’. Edge what? Simple. Find your centre, the common ground, the thing your business would not be a business without. If you are a hot dog stall, it is the sausages and buns, then maybe a canopy, then the mustard and ketchup. You get the picture… Now take the concept to it’s extreme. A gourmet hotdog restaurant that also serves champagne and foot-long buns with a different flavoured sausage in each half. This is what your potential competitors will be doing, so beat them to it!

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, when asked about the impact his business had made on the book-selling business he said this: “Amazon didn’t happen to book selling, the future happened to book selling.”

Don’t let the future happen to you!

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