By Marc Astley

An important part of growing any business is innovation and momentum.

However, when you are obsessed about your clients (and doing an amazing job), as we are, simply finding the time to plan ahead can be difficult.

And if you want to call in some expert advice it is damn expensive. Or is it?

Last week Dan, Astley Media’s MD, and I had an amazing 1.5 hour one-to one session with one of Exeter’s most successful businessmen for the princely sum of £3.95.

Yep, this generous individual spent his valuable time with us, gave us a sense check, tons of advice and a healthy dose of confidence for the price of a pint of shandy.

You are surrounded by brilliant, inspirational and amazing people who are only too happy to share their wisdom with you, for free.

All you need to do is ask.

Now, if you want intense, structured and bespoke mentoring we would recommend our friends at Sampson Hall.

But if you just want to sound out a new idea, get a second opinion or need inspiration, ask someone you admire to join you for a coffee or shandy.

They can only say ‘no’… but we bet they won’t!