by Marc Astley,

I have been to 1001 networking events in my time and 99 per cent of them have been, let’s be generous, AVERAGE.

But, I have finally found one that works,

It’s only been going since 2012, its members are genuinely interested in each other, there aren’t any egos, it runs efficiently (mostly out of office hours) and it’s fun.

I attended one of their events this week, at Exeter City Football Club.

And I must stress, from the start of this blog that the group in question has a strong, unintentional, gender bias.

This week their speaker was interesting, had something of value to say and wasn’t flogging something (go figure)!

And the food was optional and after the serious business had been done.


If I asked you to guess who this amazing networking group was, I wouldn’t fancy your chances.

If you really want to be in on the secret, visit