By Marc,

Looking to bring in new business? Budget tight? It’s a familiar story…

But, the secret to growth and profitability is probably right under your nose:


A report out this week from the Ombudsman Services organisation claimed that more than a quarter of customers spent less with or left a brand due to poor customer service.

And the cost of that dereliction of duty? £37bn!

However, we at Astley Media like to look at the pint as being half full.

And the positive news here is that better, more caring, more agile, more responsive companies BENEFITED from this malaise.

This is 2017… You have to provide amazing customer service, you have to GENUINELY care about your clients and you need to make sure your team is passionate, engaged and authentic in everything that they do.

If you chase the next customer at the expense of a current client, you are a busy fool.

Yes, have a plan for growth but also have a plan for recognising and rewarding loyalty.

That is unless you want to contribute to the £37 billion defection fund…

Now, you might be asking what this has to do with marketing and PR… it has everything to do with marketing and PR!

That’s because nowadays, marketing and PR is everything you do, especially the way you treat your customers.

Surveys have shown that 53 per cent of modern consumers recommend products in their tweets; 93 per cent of people’s buying decisions are influenced by social media; 90 per cent of purchasers trust peer recommendations and only 14 per cent trust advertisements.

Do what you say you are going to do, do it brilliantly well, care passionately about the people who pay your salary and improve, in some way, every day.

It really is quite simple, isn’t it?