By Abi Bramhall

It’s that time of year again where we don’t need an excuse to eat our body weight in chocolate! In this post, I take a look at how the big brands are ensuring we buy our treats from them this Easter…


One of the nation’s best loved chocolate brands has kick started Easter by placing three giant eggs in Scotland’s Loch Ness Lake. The purple eggs, which weigh a staggering four tonnes each, replicate the Loch Ness monster. Off the back of this, the company has donated £5,000 to the Loch Ness project and £1,000 to the Royal National Lifeboat Institute.

This is all part of their wider £6m campaign, ‘Bunnys Been Busy’. In the run-up to Easter, Cadbury are planning to have more of these giant eggs pop up in various locations across the country. People are encouraged to tweet pictures using the hashtag #EggsEverywhere if they come across them. It’s a great way to create a conversation and ensure that brand Cadbury is on everyone’s mind this Easter.

To accompany the stunt, Cadbury also released their first Easter TV advert which is extremely cute and advertises their new chocolate bunnies. Click here to watch.


Supermarket chain Lidl has gone for a more humanised approach this spring. Their TV advert, which aired on 6th March, features a real teacher with her class of children in a London school. She announces to her class that they will be organising an Easter Egg hunt for their parents and the news is greeted by excited and smiling faces from the children which is already very heart-warming.

The message at the centre of this campaign is “surprises with truth” and is all about ensuring you think about your family and friends this Easter, whilst of course buying your chocolate from Lidl!

Lidl have gone for the tugging at the heart-strings approach by including children which is a great way to ensure that the brand is remembered this Easter. This will work particularly well on parents as they will be able to relate. It will also encourage people to think about hosting egg hunts. What do you need for an egg hunt? Lots of eggs. The cheapest place to get these? Well Lidl might be a possibility…


This year, it looks like Aldi has been inspired by Cadbury in more ways than one. Similar to the chocolate brand, Aldi have also launched a hashtag #AldiFavouriteThings and have re-created one of the most famous Cadbury adverts of all time, the gorilla and the drums.

Their main advert features a little girl journeying through a wonderland of Easter treats with her own version of the famous ‘My Favourite Things’ song playing. The advert is actually quite an impressive piece of video as it oozes imagination and creativity. The song is bound to get into viewers heads as well, almost forcing them to remember Aldi.

The scenes took a fortnight to create and are all made out of Aldi products. Like Cadbury, by creating a hashtag they are encouraging people to start a conversation on social media, ensuring that their brand is at the forefront of Easter this year.


Going for a slightly more humorous campaign this Easter, Asda have aired their TV advert which features a giant chocolate hen. The company embraces people’s everyday lives by showing people in their homes, going about their day, when they suddenly spot the giant hen being transported by a truck. People look up in awe at this bizarre site and towards the end of the advert the hen sits on top of an Asda store and starts laying chocolate eggs which travel down a chute to the staff in the shop below. The staff then proceed to stock their shelves with Easter eggs.

This campaign captures the audience by filming ordinary people going about their day and I love the innocent humour that comes with this. It’s not every day that you see a giant chocolate hen staring at everyone as it makes its way to the top of an Asda store!

Asda have also adopted a hashtag, #GiantHen. Again, this is a great way to start a conversation on social media.