By Marc Astley

My three-year-old daughter was having fun putting stickers in her new comic and colouring in the characters.

We then came to a page that required you to follow a line which took Mr Tumble (a popular kids’ TV character) on a winter walk, following a convoluted path.

The idea was that you followed the route with your pen or crayon to take Mr T to his destination.

However, having explained the concept to her, my daughter merely picked up her drawing implement and drew a straight line from A to B.

She doesn’t understand the rules and so she doesn’t follow them.

And that got me thinking about the art she brings back from pre-school…

It is quite often a psychedelic array of colours textures, brush strokes and hand prints, but I love it.

Like all children, her ‘work’ is so unconventional, so free-spirited and so delightful that it makes me smile each time I look at it.

And that got me thinking again…

What happens to us after three, four or five?

Facts are nailed into our heads, we are told to stay within the lines and conventionality are rewarded.

And so, when we launch a business, we are probably hiding our best work (our art) from ourselves because we are scared stiff of standing out, of being ridiculed and sniggered at.

I say, to hell with that!

If you want to turn your reception room into an antique tea room, as we have done at Astley Media… do it.

If you want to open a rugby museum within your office, which we have now completed, get on with it.

And if you want to tear down all those boring, corporate images and fill your walls with art from the local school, good on you.

For as the world becomes more homogenised, as we are faced with similar companies, employing similar people offering similar products at similar prices, all you have left is your art and… your authenticity… but that’s for another blog!