By Marc Astley,

I was made to feel most welcome.

Two people said “hello, how are you, can I help?” And they both smiled at me.

This wasn’t a one-off experience. I have been frequenting this particular place for a couple of years and, no matter who is on duty, the approach to customer care is the same.

After I had gone about my business, I spotted one of the team sitting with an elderly visitor talking about an item she had an interest in.

I’m not sure whether the staff have been trained to do this or whether they just love their jobs and care about their ‘clients’. I suspect the latter.

So dear reader, I am sure you are now wondering where this beacon of excellence is!

Well, prepare to be shocked.

It is the (drum roll please) Punchbowl Recycling Centre in Crediton.

Yes, a tip to you and me.

Now, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that the team there display such exceptional customer service skills but why should they?

It’s not as if they have to encourage us to dump more grass clippings or old duvet covers.

Yes, they have a small ‘shop’ selling reclaimed items but Harrods it ain’t.

They simply do their jobs with a smile on their face, say hello, please and thank you and wave you on your way.

Not difficult is it?

So, if you are looking to improve your team’s client care approach, don’t bother with an expensive course, just head on over to Punchbowl in Crediton and in 10 minutes they will teach you 90 per cent of what you need to know!