By Marc,

Call me fussy but I can’t stand the smell of diesel on my hands.

So, whenever I fill up, I slip on one of those flimsy plastic gloves that petrol stations provide for free.

But the other day, after pulling into a Tesco forecourt, there were none to be seen.

I tried every dispenser but drew a blank every time.

Such is my aversion to the smell of diesel on my hands that I jumped back in my car and drove to a Shell station a quarter of a mile away where there were gloves in abundance.

As the tank was

empty, this was to be a major purchase and when the fuel stopped flowing, I owed an eye-watering £92.35.

That is £92.35 that Tesco would have had if they had simply been bothered to top up on gloves, which I have calculated (after browsing Amazon) would have cost them, at most, 0.00699p a piece!

As with any business, the smallest attention to detail can cost you dear, whether it’s a grotty building, out of date information on your website or vehicles that don’t do justice to your brand.

It’s a salutary lesson.