Managing Director, Dan Pritchard, gives you a sneak peek of his talk at Digital Exeter on Thursday September 29…

Can robots write news?

Automated content is happening. News reports, sport summaries, financial updates that feed into countless websites – you’re already consuming it.

But what does this mean for those of us working in PR and marketing, or in fact for anyone creating content to be published? And does it matter that complex algorithms are doing it too?

Tasked with producing relevant, legally sound and hopefully highly readable content within shorter turnaround times than ever before, pressure on the shrinking* pool of journalists is immense.

But what are the implications for the PR and marketing professionals keen to get our content out there?

And how do we best work with journalists at a time when journalism itself is being challenged?

From citizen journalism and AI-generated content, to hyper local news and the growth in niche publishing, change is happening and we need to make sense of it before we can best take advantage of it.

Will automated content push us to greater creative extremes in an attempt to stand out and be noticed? Join the conversation at Digital Exeter.

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Dan Pritchard, Managing Director of Astlely Media, is a former newspaper reporter, television journalist and producer who has been working in the PR industry for more than 15 years. He loves great stories, his Fender Telecaster and bands that typically play at End of the Road Festival. @Dan_Comms

* 9 Sep 2015 – Number of employed journalists has declined by 6,000 from a peak of 70,000 in 2013