By Marc Astley

Look at this picture. What do you see?

Your answer is probably ‘a signed rugby ball’.

But what you are looking at is a piece of history and an item which tells an incredible story,

The ball is from a Division One game played in 2003 when the Exeter Chiefs lost 26-40 to Orrell.

Orrell Finished second in the league that year, and Plymouth Albion third.

Exeter finished sixth.

The referee during the Orrell game was a relatively unknown 24-year-old called Wayne Barnes

He is now England’s top ref and officiated at the World Cup semi finals.

And playing for Orrell was a man mountain called Chris Bentley who was to later play for the Chiefs and is now a key figure in their commercial team.

The average attendance that season was 10,084.

Just three years later the Chiefs moved into SP and four years after that were promoted to the Premiership. The rest as they say, is history.

The club has grown from strength-to-strength… at the time of writing they were sitting second in the league and the attendance at their last game was 10,469.

They have several young England stars in their ranks and are consistently attracting top flight internationals to play at Sandy Park.

Look at the picture again. The ball seems so much more interesting, doesn’t it?

Now apply that principle to your business or organisation.

Do you have a fabulous story that you are not telling people about?

Do people visit your building and never find out about the really cool things you do?

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