By Marc Astley

A report out this week revealed that 79 per cent of companies think that corporate reputation is important but 26 per cent do little to professionally manage it.

Although in the age of social media this is a concerning statistic, it wasn’t the one that surprised me most.

Read through the report and you get to an eye opening revelation.

When asked who is primarily responsible for their organisation’s corporate reputation, 34 per cent of companies said the CEO, 32 per cent the whole board, 21 per cent the executive management team, 10 per cent the chairman, two per cent said others and one per cent the PR/marketing and comms team.

So, the consensus is that reputation is down to the people at the top.


While they may be responsible for setting standards and policy, it is up to everyone employed by a company to protect its reputation.

I haven’t a clue who the CEO of the company whose driver tailgated me in one of their vans recently but I know I wouldn’t now dream of doing business with them.

I’ve read lots about the founder of a wine club I used to be a member of but because the conduct of his staff bore no relation to the service he purports to provide, I cancelled.

Whilst companies take this old school, top-down approach, they are storing up trouble for themselves.

The way your staff drive your vehicles, the way they answer the phone, the way they engage on social media, the way they conduct themselves in Tesco whilst wearing your work wear has as much, if not more, to do with reputation as what the CEO believes is, or should, be happening.

Unless your team understands that and unless you embrace that, you are dangerously out of control.

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