As the UK faces a digital and tech skills shortage, it can be difficult for companies to find the perfect people for their team. Everyone wants to hire someone with the perfect skills for the job. 

The current talent shortage, and new working-from-home standard, means companies across the country are competing for talent. Your brand needs to stand out as the perfect place to work – wherever it is they’re dialling in from.

At Astley Media, we know that community and culture are the keys to building the best team possible.

So how do you create a culture that attracts the best talent?

And how do you build your tribe in a way that best suits your brand?

Read on for the best ways to attract the right tech talent for your tribe.

Start on the inside, and work your way out

It’s always a good idea to ensure that as your business is growing, your team’s learning does as well.

Upskill your team by working with education providers. Hold strategy days where the team can focus on the company’s inner-workings and overall strategy, and feel part of the bigger picture.

Rejuvenating employees and helping them learn and grow will help develop your team into brand ambassadors. The more involved people feel, and the more supported they are, the better cheerleaders they’ll be.

Read our top tips for building your personal brand, and make sure to get your whole team involved.

Build your brand community

You are more than just your company. Your brand, especially the way it is perceived by others, is made up of everyone it connects with.

Your brand is your customers, clients, competitors, people with an interest in your sector and a passion for your niche.

Focusing on your brand community allows you to control what groups are part of it, how you are perceived, and how you interact.

Use social media to connect with relevant people in your audience. Create white papers to give something back to your sector. Share your insights on a podcast. The more people you authentically connect with, the more potential talent you’ll get through to.

It’s a way for others to see what you’re doing, and how you do it. And if they want to be part of it? That makes your recent job opportunity all the more appealing.

Read our Tech Leaders’ Brand Insights report for findings on how tech leaders are building their communities.

Content, content, content

While it may be tempting to think ‘the more, the better’ in terms of content, this may not be the best thing to do. While a steady flow of content is important, it’s also crucial to not go overboard with it.

Quality, targeted content that reflects who you are as a company will have a much bigger impact and make people connect with you. Excessive, repetitive content can make potential contacts or employees view you as impersonal, corporate, or miss out on your brand values.

To successfully build your tribe, you want to adopt a clear strategy and stick to simple, but effective, habits. Your content is the foundation of your brand. It’s the first thing most people will see, and guides who they think you are, and what you stand for.

Not sure what truly guides your brand? Take our short quiz to find out your brand archetype, and what values drive you forwards. Use this to focus your content, to ensure potential new talent knows exactly what you’re about.

Find your audience

If you want to recruit young people, you need to be where young people are. Keep up with social media trends, and be active on relevant platforms.

Are your audience on Twitter? Do they love Instagram? How much time do they spend on TikTok?

Research into the types of people who have the skills you need, then find out where they are. They won’t come to you if you don’t go to them first.

Building your tribe may seem an uphill battle, but focusing on creating the best culture and community you can is key to attracting, and keeping, the best talent.

Do you have any other tips and tricks that could help others build their tribe? Let us know on Twitter or LinkedIn!