So you’ve had to cancel that long-planned event and all that hard work and effort has gone to waste? Not necessarily!

With all of the digital resources available now, often for free, why not go virtual!

Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Host a video conference. Since we decided to work from home, the team have been using Zoom to run our daily team meetings. It was slightly surreal at first but it works really well, allows multiple users and you can even react with emojis as you chat. Google Hangouts does a similar job.
  2. Run a Twitter Hour. These have become hugely popular and there is an hour for almost anything. So, if you were planning a seminar on beekeeping, let people know that you will be on your Twitter account from a certain time on a certain date and ask them to join in and ask questions.
  3. Organise a webinar. This is different to video conferencing in that participants can only watch, not interact or see each other. Most Webinars can also be recorded and watched at a later date.
  4. Record a podcast. If you had a guest speaker lined up who people were desperate to hear, why not interview them and create a podcast. The Astley Media team regularly prepare these for clients and would be happy to help you.
  5. Turn your presentation into a slide show and post it on LinkedIn. Use it as a teser for the event further down the lin

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