Research is underway to understand how effective SMEs in the South West have been at using technology during the pandemic.

Exeter-based IT and support company, Timewade are running an online survey as part of the Technology for Success programme, to understand successes and challenges, to feed back to the business community.

Already, some of the initial findings are providing invaluable insight, with just 16% saying their technology was fully prepared for the Covid-19 pandemic. Those taking the survey, which runs through the summer, will be the first to receive the full findings.

Astley Media use technology to help clients engage with their customers in new and effective ways. By utilising customer insight data and new communication methods, businesses can create meaningful and impactful marketing messages to achieve business objectives. The Technology for Success research will provide valuable insight into how businesses can effectively harness technology to engage with customers; which will be vital to long-term business success.

Managing Director of Timewade, Julian Wills said: “We hope the findings can feed into businesses as they develop their business plans for the coming months. The focus is now shifting from the quick fixes to a longer term view, but, with technology, it’s vital to know what really works.  The evidence is already suggesting that those SMEs that are harnessing technology across every aspect of their business are performing better and recovering more quickly.”

Visit: to take the survey and ensure you receive the full findings. Participants are also entered into a prize draw to win a LARQ self-cleaning water bottle!

The survey is part of the work of the Technology for Success business programme. Astley Media are the Communications and Marketing alongside Bishop Fleming, Stephens Scown, Commissioning HR, Minerva Lifelong Learning and Insight6. The Technology for Success programme offers free insight, expertise and events to help SMEs get the best use of technology for productivity, opportunity and growth: