More than a dozen charities attended our recent ‘Reputation Management: Getting the Essentials Right’ seminars in Exeter.

Exploring how organisations can respond to an incident or crisis, we focused on practical examples and the ‘3Ps’ – preparation, your plan and practice.

Case studies were used, including a detailed look at Oxfam’s response to the Haiti aid worker scandal. Alongside insight into developing a robust crisis communications plan, we provided practical tips for organisations to use and gave everyone an opportunity to share their own experiences.

Dan Pritchard, managing director of Astley Media, said: “Social media and the speed at which everything gets shared means no organisation can afford to get their reputation management wrong. Oxfam is a classic example – once reputation is damaged, it is very hard to restore and can lead to financial problems, jobs lost, relationships harmed.

“Be it the fall out from a cyber attack or data loss, mismanagement, employee allegations or angry customers or clients venting their fury online, everyone is vulnerable, particularly in the early stages of these situations, if they do not have clear and well practised responses.” 

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Thanks to Santander Corporate Business Centre for hosting the seminars.