Astley Media intern Charley Winter shares how LinkedIn’s new launch of Carousel ads is the evolution of Social Media ‘stories’…

Too many times I have purchased something online purely as a result of scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. By using carousel adverts companies display a few products at the same time, which in effect creates a compact form of online shopping, making there less to choose from.

The overwhelming mass of options for consumers and businesses is most likely a problem for your business on social media. With the rise of social networking, photo sharing and micro blogging, it’s easy for your brand to get lost amid the dense feed of countless others.

The most effective way to capture the attention of your audience is with a story. Stories are darting up here, there and everywhere across social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook… So, how do these stories work? They provide an interactive experience where your posts are all in one place, each building on one another and not getting lost in a sea of other posts from different companies.

The recent launch of carousel advertising on LinkedIn pushes ‘The Story’ one step further, showcasing your brand in an unique format where you can horizontally swipe through post whilst remaining on the LinkedIn feed.

LinkedIn revamp the usual format of carousel advertising and the idea of ‘The Story’ by suggesting using the feature as a way to voice your brand’s story and showcase it to target contacts. It has been shown to increase brand awareness and consideration, filtering you out from a sea of other businesses.

This method of advertising functions primarily to generate website traffic. The best part being that you can receive downloadable reports which monitor impressions, click-through and engagement rates on each individual advert.

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