Benjamin joined Astley Media as an intern for three months during the Summer of 2021. He was keen to find out more about the world of PR and Marketing and make the most of our remote internship while being based in Wales. Here, he recounts his experience:


Prior to joining Astley Media, my experience in marketing and public relations was limited, but I didn’t let that deter me. 

The pandemic had forced a lot of agencies to close internships until the Autumn which put a spanner in the works. I came across Astley Media and at first, I thought there’s no way they will take me on as they’re an agency predominantly with tech clients. I wouldn’t say I was a technophobe, but it’s not something I actively have knowledge in. However, within the first week it was clear that having limited knowledge wasn’t an issue. 

My main role was to support the team, from Account Executives to the Managing Director and no two days were the same. There are so many lovely things to say about the team – but two things really stood out. Firstly, I was made to feel like part of the team straight away, as if I had been working with them for several years and I was being asked what my interests were so they could match them to any relevant projects. 

I was very lucky to have a mixture of remote working and the office experience, and it was great to be around industry professionals who have a wealth of experience.

One of my favourite tasks was creating the Astley Media ‘Value’s Page’, which enabled me to build my strengths within website building and copywriting. I also loved working on a client campaign where I was tasked with creating social media posts, press releases and contacting radio stations and print-based media outlets to gather prices for advertorials/advertising, meaning that I could grow my own media list across the UK. 

My main responsibilities included:

  • Writing press releases
  • Scheduling social media posts
  • Writing articles
  • Carrying out research
  • Creating graphics

The most valuable thing I took away from my experience interning at Astley Media was getting an insight into the running of an agency and seeing everyone play a part at all different levels. Being around communication professionals in marketing and public relations has been eye opening. Everyone plays a vital role, and they all support one another. My line managers were Leah Watts and Elle Taylor who have been fantastic! Not only do they manage their own busy workload, but they would work alongside and support me. 

Giving advice, I would say go into your internship with an open mind and say yes to everything that’s offered, because how will you grow if you don’t try?

Would I recommend Astley Media to gain industry experience? YES!


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