The Covid-19 pandemic has wrought unique challenges on everyone. For many students, the adversities of this year have been particularly problematic, forcing them to postpone their careers, adapt to new studying environments and put internships and work placements on hold.

Determined to gain some valuable work experience in marketing before her second year of university and make the most of the additional time at home, Caitlin reached out to Astley Media to pursue a remote internship. Here’s her experience…

As a Management with Marketing student at the University of Exeter, I wished to enter my second year of study with a greater understanding of the marketing field in action. However, with Covid-19 in the midst, I found myself stuck within my home town where I was unable to find suitable experience. I was therefore extremely fortunate to be introduced to Astley Media, and via zoom, I was offered a remote internship from my own home. Regardless of the distance, Astley Media created an extremely welcoming environment where I was still able to gain a priceless insight into the world of PR and marketing. 

From my first week at Astley Media I was given an array of responsibilities and challenges across different business areas, giving me a great understanding of the fast-paced industry. I was initially tasked with creating social media posts for clients across Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, helping me to gage a better understanding of social media marketing. Following this, I created blog posts for clients and worked on promoting projects such as the Project Positivity Podcast and the 2020 Tech South West Awards. Throughout the two months I was with the company, I was introduced to new platforms such as Mailchimp, Hootsuite and Canva. Through working with Astley Media, I have also been able to build on my creativity, organisation and communication skills. 

The team at Astley Media made me feel incredibly supported and included within the team, despite our interactions being through a camera. I also received extremely useful feedback on my work, and the team ensured that the experience was highly constructive. Despite the distance, I really feel privileged to have taken away from this opportunity as much as I have. For me, my time at Astley Media has been invaluable. I would highly recommend the team to any person interested in PR and marketing.

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