Keen to gain some remote work experience and find out more about the inner workings of a local PR and Marketing agency, Esme joined Astley Media for 3 months as an intern. This was her experience…



I began my 12-week internship experience with apprehension around working remotely and in a sector I knew very little about. However, from the first Zoom meeting, it became clear that working at Astley Media was not going to be a run-of-the-mill virtual internship that I had been dreading.

From social media posts to blog drafting to client research, every week was different and involved a complete variety of tasks. As someone who has grown up with social media, learning how to use platforms like Facebook and Twitter for business and research purposes has been invaluable. I have also learnt about a range of Astley Media clients and the diversity of industries they are involved in, such as science, technology and education. I have particularly enjoyed seeing work I have proof-read or drafted go live on the social media pages and websites of clients, and I don’t think an internship gets more immersive than that!

Working under the supervision of account manager, Elle Taylor, has been an absolute pleasure. Her guidance and support through my internship has helped me to develop my skills and knowledge of the PR and Marketing sector, including research, proofing and editing, data entry, writing and using a variety of IT tools and platforms. I admire her hard work and enthusiasm even when she has been juggling her own projects as well as supervising mine! If Elle has taught me anything, it is that organisation and a smile (even a virtual one :)) goes a long way. This positive attitude and determination to succeed is embodied through the whole of the AM team, and they are exactly that- a team. I have much admiration for the people at Astley who have maintained such a collaborative and cheerful work culture, whilst working away from the office. It has shown me the possibilities of working virtually and crucially, that teamwork sits at the heart of any successful firm. 

Having thoroughly enjoyed my 12 weeks at Astley Media, I would highly recommend the firm to anyone looking for work experience or an intern role in the PR and Marketing industry. I look forward to seeing where Astley Media is headed and hope to stay in touch.


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