Keen to learn more about the world of PR and Marketing, Josh joined Astley Media as an intern. Read about his experience here:

Before I interned at Astley Media, I struggled to find much experience in marketing, which proved to be a hurdle when applying for PR jobs, especially as someone transitioning from a journalism and creative writing degree. Or in other words, joining the dark side of journalism… mua ha ha!

But I digress. A good friend advised me to write to marketing companies for experience, so I heard about Astley Media’s internship scheme through the grapevine. I thought ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’ and sent off an email. An email became an interview, and I was overjoyed to be given an internship at Astley Media. One month later, I can safely say it’s been a wonderful experience.

My days were never boring as they gave me plenty of responsibilities, from doing admin to writing blog posts, to assisting in marketing campaigns, to contributing towards team meetings. The biggest project I worked on was drafting socials for Tech South West, an awards programme celebrating talent in the tech industry. 

In and out of these assignments, I learned how to:

  • Work in an office environment
  • Work remotely on certain days
  • Juggle several projects at once
  • Produce written and visual content in a short deadline
  • Communicate with team members

During my internship, I felt like my time and expertise was respected and the team were lovely to work with. It also gave me enough flexibility to be creative with my assignments, not only applying my writing style to the blog, but also merging my artistic interests with my writing since I produced original illustrations for my blogs.

I wholeheartedly recommend joining Astley Media, whether you’re trying to get your foot in the door or have experience and want to be a part of a caring, successful marketing team. My advice is to throw yourself out there and write to the companies you want to work with – you never know what might be on offer!


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