Lindsay enjoyed her time with us so much, that she returned for a second week of work experience! Read all about her time as our intern here…

The working world can be an intimidating place, especially if you have little to no experience with it. This is just one of the reasons why I’m so grateful to have completed a week’s placement with Astley Media.

My interning experience was organised through the University of Exeter’s Pathways to Marketing programme. This meant that the week prior to my internship, I undertook a training week where I worked on a group project and attended talks from industry professionals, which included Astley Media’s very own Dan Pritchard!

The brief for my group project was set by Astley, and tasked my cohort with devising a multi-channel marketing strategy for the inaugural launch of the Tech South West Awards. In fact, many of the tasks I completed focussed on the Awards, and much of it was even directly informed by the ideas my group suggested in our project, such as writing blog posts and writing up a podcast proposal. I also fleshed out contact databases and created content for social media.

Due to the dynamic nature of agency work, I also found myself working on other projects for their clients. I wrote press releases, analysed competitors’ current marketing strategies, helped with a social media report for a client with suggested improvements, and sat in on various meetings, both with other staff members and with clients. Having the option to flit between projects always kept the work exciting and new, something I feel is comparatively lacking across other sectors.

As stimulating and engaging as the job was, I have to say that it was the people that gave Astley Media its truly magical flair. It was lovely meeting and working alongside different members of the team, who were all so knowledgeable, welcoming and kind. It was great to see the genuine care they had for me as an intern; they didn’t just give me all of the boring jobs. Instead, they asked me about what I was interested in learning, and tried to tailor my placement to give me my preferred experience.

I enjoyed my time at Astley so much that I returned for a second week of placement, which continued to offer interesting and stimulating projects to work on. All in all, I couldn’t recommend Astley Media highly enough to anyone considering working with them in the future!

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