Eager to gain some business experience and an insight into PR and Marketing,

Cameron joined us as an intern from August to September 2018. This was his experience…

I did not think it possible to learn so much in so little time; nor did I think it possible to become part of a new team so easily. But, possible it was. My internship at Astley Media can be characterised as exactly that: a steep learning curve facilitated by professional and welcoming staff.

As a Politics and International Studies undergraduate going into their final year, I wanted to gain some business experience in order to help me narrow down my career options. Given how broad the field of Marketing and PR is, it seemed like an appropriate avenue to follow. Overall, this internship proved extremely beneficial as it gave me both a general overview of the daily activities of a commercial business and also a comprehensive insight into Marketing and PR.

During my internship, I engaged in a plurality of assignments. For example, I carried out market research into the social media profiles and websites of competitors in order to ascertain market trends and to develop new ideas for clients. I also carried out extensive research on various topics to aid upcoming pitches to potential clients. I also helped develop our client’s social media profiles by updating their respective social media platforms with relevant, engaging content. As well as this, I was also able to enhance my business skills through the collecting of price quotes for costs concerning an upcoming event that Astley Media is organising in the near future. Finally, I also helped in the progression of the annual Fast Track To Growth event while it was in its early stages of development. This involved creating innovative ideas to help encourage larger businesses to get involved in the programme. Although still in its early development, attention was drawn to Brexit as a focal point for encouraging businesses to involve themselves in the programme.

All things considered, my time at Astley Media was very useful. I was able to involve myself in many different tasks and I was afforded the responsibility to work independently. I was welcomed with open arms and immediately treated like an equal member of the team. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I was given as an intern.

Cameron’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cameron-a-66484013b/