Shortly after completing his second year at Plymouth University, Cameron reached out to us for some work experience in PR and Marketing. Here’s what he got up to…

This week proved to be invaluable in widening my experience within the versatile world of Marketing and PR and I took so much from it. From my first day right through to my last, I worked on several exciting projects and built great experience learning from marketers and PR professionals.

Putting theory into practise from my BSc Marketing degree, I was introduced to specialist software programs and tools, such as Bitley, Pixabay and Mailchimp. Using these, I drafted and scheduled tweets, wrote blogs and created promotional content for exciting business events such as the Fast Track To Growth final pitch event and the Tech South West Awards. This sharpened my digital marketing skills, which I really enjoyed having recently completed a digital marketing module at University.

In addition, I also conducted research into some of Astley Media’s clients using SWOT analysis and had the opportunity to research new forms of digital content for Astley Media, such as delivering Podcasts and other creative campaigns.

I left Astley Media with a much more detailed view on what happens within a marketing firm on a day-to-day basis and I now have a much more rounded perspective of the relationship between Marketing and PR and the mechanisms behind these businesses.

I’d like to thank Astley Media once again in taking me on for a week’s internship! The people who work in this agency are superb and really understand the ‘know-how’ within the marketing sphere. I wish them the very best!

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