To celebrate International Women’s Day 2021, Astley Media is shining a light on some of the fantastic women in tech across the South West.


Tanuvi Ethunandan is a Chartered Accountant and the CEO and Co-founder of Data Duopoly, a Cornish based, all female-founded Tech startup. She has a degree in Economics from the University of Cambridge as well as a Masters in Entrepreneurship from Falmouth University, which she achieved alongside founding Data Duopoly. Tanuvi also runs her own blog entitled ‘whatwomenwish’ which focuses on fashion and gastronomy. 


What inspired you to pursue a career in Tech?

I always wanted to start my own business, and the tech sector enabled me to do so. Co-founding Data Duopoly, a tech start-up, has been the most exciting journey so far! I am constantly learning new things and working with interesting people. It genuinely has been the highlight of my professional career to date!


Name a woman in tech who inspires you and why?

Sheryl Sandberg, with her book Lean In. She made her mark in a male dominated sector, showcasing her abilities to lead. Her comment about viewing your professional career as a “jungle gym” rather than a “ladder” resonated with me. Tech provides plenty of opportunities to work on exciting projects developing a range of skills rather than focusing on one specific skill at a time. Therefore, it’s great to view professional development as coming from various sources rather than one where you have to climb up the “traditional career ladder”.


Have you faced any challenges while trying to establish yourself as a professional in a traditionally male dominant sector and how did you overcome this?

Fortunately, I have felt extremely supported during my journey in tech so far. Data Duopoly is an all female-founded tech startup, so the culture within the company celebrates individual talent no matter what background. 

The biggest challenge we faced as a company was not having technical expertise within the co-founding team. I come from a financial and data-driven background having read Economics at Cambridge University and then working as a Chartered Accountant at Ernst and Young in London. My co-founder, Erin, is an award winning film director and has a creative and product background. Our different perspectives allowed us to approach problems in new ways, always thinking about how we can make the user experience better, rather than just focusing on how it would be technically feasible. We also have a fantastic technical advisor on board to help with our long-term strategy and have worked with some great contractors to build our MVP. We are now actively recruiting for two new software developer positions within the company, to bring technical talent in-house.


What words of advice would you give to women looking to get into the Tech sector but are hesitant due to the lack of diversity? 

It’s not as daunting as you think! Put your mind to it, be eager to learn and you might just love it!


What is the best thing about working in Tech in the South West?

The community!


What advice would you give your younger self about the journey ahead in the Tech industry?

You can bring your skill sets to the tech world, and don’t be afraid to do it!

Tanuvi Ethunandan