1. Digital marketing used to be a complicated, labour-intensive activity but now, due to advances in technology it’s something we can all have access to … and improve upon daily! As many of us are now in the unprecedented position of having to work from home and effectively cancel our diaries because of Coronavirus, social media, in particular, may offer some alternative routes to market.
  2. It’s cost effective. We would always advise a mix of traditional and digital marketing but social media, in particular, is a great way of dipping a toe in the water, engaging with and growing both an existing and new audience.
  3. Choose what’s right for you. There are so many cool apps and digital platforms out there than the temptation is to have a go at them all. The problem is that running just one property takes a lot of time and commitment. We once took on a client that had set up 12 different social media platforms. When we mapped out how long it would take her to populate them, it left her just an hour and a half spare each day!
  4. Map out your content in advance. There are lots of free tools you can download such as Later Content Planner One good way to start is by looking at key dates such as Easter, Mother’s Day, big film releases etc… and thinking of how you can ‘piggy back’ them by being creative and using popular hashtags. One great example was when, due to a row between suppliers and supermarkets a shortage of Marmite was predicted. Rivals Vegemite gained huge engagement via a tweet which simply said: “@Bovril This is our moment.”
  5. Have fun. Social media provides a great opportunity to have a bit of fun and try something different. Unlike traditional media, the feedback will be almost immediate. When our CEO dressed in a bow tie and dress shirt for a video conference his subsequent LinkedIn post received more than 2,000 views!
  6. Engage the younger members of your team. What might seem like rocket science to you will be child’s play to anyone under 30. Don’t waste such a valuable resource. If their skill was accountancy and it was available for free you’d jump at the chance to pick their brains.
  7. Measure your results. The great thing about digital marketing is the results can be seen instantly. Google Analytics will tell you how many people are on your website at any given moment, where they are and how long they spend. Facebook is similar but also knows your visitors demographics by age, sex etc… And all of this makes targeting your audience a lot more scientific.

If you feel now is the time to embrace digital and social media marketing, please contact us at hello@astleymedia.co.uk