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In a tumultuous year we are delighted to launch this report, which provides insights into how 60 South West brands communicated in a year of turmoil.

Many are sticking with what they already know, whilst others are embracing new ways of communicating, as the Covid-19 pandemic shakes out old habits and encourages bold and creative marketing approaches.

The report explores four areas, providing key learnings for marketing teams by revealing emerging trends and key strategies in the changing landscape:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Communication Tools
  • Public Relations 
  • Advertising

It suggests new technologies and collaborative opportunities available for brands striving to be at the cutting edge. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, social media and digital communications came out on top with 86% of respondents using Linkedin, 72% Twitter and 65% Facebook. 

Video conference tools are on the rise, with 58% of businesses using Zoom for the first time during the pandemic, and 43% newly taking up Microsoft Teams.

Businesses also confirmed an increase in their use of digital events, videos and blogs. 

However, not all brands embraced the tide of change, with many sticking to what they already knew and failing to extend their marketing to new approaches and channels.

The brands set to thrive in the coming years will be those who rise to the challenges ahead, bringing meaning, empathy and sustainable solutions to the ‘market’, and to the world.

Are these findings reflective of your experience? Will you be adapting how you market your products or services, and how you communicate with customers and clients? We’d love to hear your views. Please follow us on Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.