South West based Property Search Group explains how new partner, Property Information Exchange Ltd, shares the company’s vision to give back and make a difference.

PIE has merged with PSG Connect Ltd (PSG) to create the number one provider of legal services for the residential conveyancing industry.

The combined companies will build on their shared values of customer support and excellent products to provide an unrivalled service to their clients. Bringing together the best people, the latest technology and over 30 years of experience in the industry, the merged businesses look set to lead the way in the legal services marketplace.

David Brown, CEO of PIE commented on the merger:

“PSG are a great fit for our business; they share our ethos, passion and dedication to empower law firms and help them grow within the market place. We have always looked at PSG as the market leader in terms of quality search delivery, customer support, local knowledge and presence. We are really looking forward to the many opportunities and benefits this merger will bring to all of our clients. It’s very exciting.”

PSG and PIE also share a dedication to corporate social responsibility by giving back and helping others achieve their goals. PIE contributes 10% of Group profits to charity every year and £1,000 to its employee of the month’s charity of choice.

On a local level, PSG’s South West regional offices have joined forces to demonstrate their support for Vision Aid Overseas. In the company’s 20th year, PSG has launched the #V20 (or Vision20) campaign to raise money and collect unused spectacles.

In celebration of World Vision Day PSG’s teams, based in the South West, are planning to visit solicitors’ offices across Bristol, Swindon, Exeter and Plymouth to collect old spectacles for recycling. Funds, from the recycling, provide people in Africa with eye tests and spectacles.

Andy Towers explains

“PIE undoubtedly shares our ethos and is a great fit for PSG. The collaboration of the two businesses will result in a significant benefit to all our clients in terms of customer service, delivery and innovative technology.

“Furthermore PIE’s commitment to charitable causes provides great synergy with our latest fundraising campaign. Following on from the successful Southernhay Life iniative, which raised over £2,500 for Devon Community Foundation, we recently started working with Vision Aid Overseas. We were compelled to help after hearing that, just £5 provides a person in Africa with an eye tests and a pair of glasses. Such a small amount to most people, but with a life changing impact.”

Now in their 20th year, and with the new merger to celebrate, PSG’s South West offices are ready to embark on a new and existing phase with more fundraising and local community initiatives planned.

Andy Towers comments: “What sets PSG apart from its competitors is the priority we place on building local relationships and taking the time to understand and support the communities in which we live and work. Undertaking local initiatives, such as Southernhay Life, and working with companies in our area to fundraise, strengthens these relationships – bringing people together for a good cause.”