The first half of 2019 has given us some innovative, inspiring and even controversial marketing campaigns. These are our favourites so far…

1. Paddy Power: Save Our Shirt

In July Paddy Power announced its sponsorship of Huddersfield Town, by unveiling the team’s new kit – emblazoned with a huge Paddy Power logo – to a disgruntled public and fan base, before revealing it was, actually, a hoax. Paddy Power used the move to make a point about the corporate logos so often splashed across football shirts, and in effect are ‘unsponsoring’ the teams they sponsor; removing their logos entirely. The campaign gained traction on social media and their video ad adds a brilliant comedic edge.

2. British Army: Your Army Needs You

The army have received both backlash and praise since the new 2019 recruitment campaign. The campaign, focusing on looking ‘beyond stereotypes’, was aimed at ‘Snowflakes’ and ‘Me Me Me Millennials’, targeting young people with a message that perceived flaws are seen as strength by recruiters. While the campaign received criticism for their tone, it resulted in the highest application numbers in recent years.

3. KFC: Bucket Bangers

KFC teamed up with Spotify to create a playlist of songs which reference their brand (that’s 46, FYI). Lyrics from the Bucket Bangers playlist were used on outdoor advertising, and the playlist was promoted on Spotify ads. Mixing up their marketing by offering music is an original move, plus it’s interesting to see how the chain has become a part of rap culture.

4. Burger King: Whopper Diamond

To celebrate Pride Month Burger King flew a same-sex couple to Germany to get married with a pair of diamond wedding rings made from the ashes of its famous Whopper burger. The couple are from Eastern Europe and were unable to get married in their own country under the marriage laws. Burger King really hit the nail on the head with this campaign: fun, original, moving and relevant to current issues around rights and, of course, love.

5. McDonald’s: Directional Ads

Following on from their 2018 award-winning directional campaign where the famous golden arches were turned into arrows, this year in France the burger chain launched signs which direct people to the closest restaurant with ‘French fry arrows’. It’s clever, minimalistic and still very recognisable.

2019 has given us some brilliant campaigns, with exciting, viral content, and thought-provoking messages. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings!