By Dan Pritchard

Times change. Last month I was playing guitar at Exeter Cavern raising money for homeless charity St Petrock’s and lots of my business friends came along to support. I ‘marketed’ it. Times change.

This is not the time to prioritise selling. 

Don’t think about building your business or trying to enhance your reputation. 

Think about what you can do to help. It might be the best way to help you survive.

It’s not easy if your world is crashing in around you. But to survive at a time of crisis, you have to adapt to your customers’ needs in a way that is relevant for what is unfolding right now.

Redesigning services to help is one way. Ask your customers what they need, and then respond, fast. The goodwill you build will stand you in good stead.

I’m hosting the first in the new Technology for Success webinar series this Friday at 8.30am, offering essential and practical guidance to SMEs through a new partnership with Timewade, Insight 6, Commissioning HR, Minerva Lifelong Learning and Astley Media.

It’s called Essential Communications and Marketing for the ‘New Normal’ and will be 45 minutes of practical tips that you need right now. You can book your place, for free, here

We’ll be looking at what businesses can do – using your resources and expertise in new ways, digital versions of your services, or useful or distracting retail products that we actually need right now.

Over the coming weeks the ‘drop-in’ webinar will focus on one key theme and be guest-hosted by an expert in that field.

  • IT & Tech 
  • People & HR
  • Productivity & Resilience
  • Communications & Marketing 
  • Customers & Pipeline 

This Friday, we’ll be looking at how to communicate and market in these unprecedented times in ways that get you through this, and in fact might even enhance your brand and business in the long run.

So, support your people, their families, your customers, suppliers, key workers, the vulnerable, volunteers, home workers, young people studying, the jobless, charities, your business community. Be useful, boost spirits, spread a little happiness. 

We all have stories about people told to go to work even though it is not essential business. Such actions tell you something about that business.

Instead, be helpful, relevant, informative, constructively distracting, or authentically compassionate.  

Above all, put others first. Hopefully see a few of you on Friday morning.

Dan Pritchard

MD Astley Media