… In Conversation With author and speaker Bernadette Jiwa

If there is anyone who knows the importance of storytelling in business, it’s Bernadette Jiwa.

Bernadette is the author of several best-selling books including Make Your Idea Matter, Marketing A Love Story, Hunch, Meaningful, and The Fortune Cookie Principle.

She is a recognised global authority on business philosophy and the role of identity and story in business, innovation and marketing.

I caught up with Bernadette as part of the Astley Media Project Positivity webcast series and asked her how we even begin to understand what our true story is.

She explained: “I think there is no one story, we are always evolving …

“I think we are so busy trying to get to where we want to go with our ambitions and plans for success that we forget what got us from there to here. We all love stories and storytelling is our most persuasive technology.”  

Bernadette also echoed a recent conversation I had with fellow author Emily Esfahani Smith who stressed the importance of finding meaning in these difficult times.

Bernadette said: “I understand that it’s hard for a lot of people right now who are panicking about their businesses and where they are going to be in the next 12 months to think about meaning but if we can understand the reason that we are here, if we can understand the audience we want to serve, we’ve got a better chance of not just surviving in business but thriving.

“The people who do the best are the ones that are most resilient and adaptable are the ones that understand who they are here to serve and what they do and why they do it.

“I know from the people I have worked with that when they think about their back story, when they think about their audience and the intersection of those two things … they get a lot of fulfilment from that and they build sustainable businesses too.”

You can watch the full interview here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBAHOwJq67Y&t=43s and, as always, I’d appreciate your feedback!

Marc Astley

CEO, Astley Media