With just a couple of weeks to go until ‘The Road to Resilience’, Astley Media’s first event, Emma McLeod asks the speakers and event partners about the person or people who have inspired them in life.

As one of the most famous and innovative entrepreneurs of modern times, Sir Richard Branson is claimed as a source of inspiration for many in the business world. It is interesting to learn, therefore, that his own early inspiration came from Battle of Britain hero Douglas Badder, a Branson family friend.

It’s something I have always found fascinating, about successful people. Who has been their inspiration? Was it a family member? Perhaps a well-known individual? With just a couple of weeks to go until we welcome guests to ‘The Road to Resilience’, our First Astley Media event, I asked our speakers and event partners about the person or people who have inspired them in life. Here is what they said.

“My father for his values, my mother for her spirit, the teachers who were the first people to believe in me, my colleagues, friends, children and people out there who live life to the full.” Ann Daniels, Polar Explorer

“It is family sort of driven really. You know, now I’ve had kids, it’s shifted a little bit too.” Gareth Steenson, Premiership Rugby Player

“My father, who died very young, always encouraged me and my brother and sister to do the best, have dreams and go for it. He was also a realist and helped us deal with failure and disappointment. Most of all though he was great fun and didn’t take himself too seriously – something which, I hope, people say about me.” Robert Camp, Managing Partner at Stephens Scown

”My Grandfather, for his rugged determination to succeed despite great adversity, and my PE teacher at school for his anarchic love of the great outdoors.” Rob Hitchings, Nomadic Travel

“My mother is a truly inspirational character, someone who gave of herself for our family and the society she lived in to earn a thoroughly deserved MBE that she did not expect, She quietly ran a charity clinic, in Kenya, for 30 years for the Red Cross without any financial recompense or recognition……The other inspirer is my wife who is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met and a source of much of my motivation and inspiration.” Phil Sampson, Director, Sampson Hall

“Those who think a little differently and have chosen a lifestyle outside of ‘normal’ work patterns and use their time and energy wisely to create a more interesting life for them and their families.” Mark Peberdy, Leapfrog Animation

“I have had the opportunity to meet two women in my life who I would consider to be very aspirational. Both were very passionate about their work and highly motivated about creating happy lives for themselves, their families and the people they worked with (both staff and clients). Their lives didn’t centre on their careers and money did not appear to be a major motivation but they were both very successful. Ginny, Virginia’s Vintage Hire

Ann Daniels Gareth Steenson, Phil Sampson and Robert Camp will be speaking at ‘The ‘Road to Resilience’ event, at Exeter’s RAMM on 5 October.