As someone used to vast open spaces, you’d imagine lockdown would have been polar explorer Ann Daniels’ worst nightmare.

But then again, she has often spent days on end sheltering from Arctic storms, inside a tiny tent with not so much as a radio for company, let alone the Netflix back catalogue.

We caught up with Ann as part of Astley Media’s latest Project Positivity webcast and found her in high spirits.

She told us: “I’m doing really well. I’m enjoying the downtime. Of course the mountains and the great outdoors are calling to me and I’d much rather be out there. If I wanted to winge, all of my work disappeared and a big expedition I was hoping to go out on in October has now gone… but what’s the point in stressing about that?

“I’ve started to look at what I’ve got and that is that I live in a great part of the world. My daughter is 17 and so she’s potentially going to be leaving me next year to go to university, so I’m getting to spend some really nice time with her. I’m taking time to just be, and that;’s okay for a while.”

However, Ann said that lockdown had reminded her of an occasion when she had to hunker down as vicious storms battered her flimsy expedition tent.

She said: “The temperature was minus 40C, the wind was ferocious and even though we were lying next to each other with the material on the end of our noses, we couldn’t hear each other.

“We didn’t know when it would stop, we couldn’t control what was happening, we didn’t know if the ice would break, so it was a tough time, but we just had to stop panicking and stop worrying about what we couldn’t control… because it would come to an end.

“This sort of reminds me of that… it’s very different and it’s a lot longer… but it’s a similar process. Don’t worry about what you can’t control but work hard on what you can.”

You can see the full interview here:

Marc Astley

CEO, Astley Media