By Marc Astley

It baffles me, it really does.

In the age of broadband, mobile, social media and increasing congestion on the roads, why do we insist on our employees all rocking up, and leaving, at the same time?

Twenty years ago, this was a necessity. Your desk, phone and clunky computer were all at the office and there were 7.5m fewer cars on the UK’s roads*. The world was a very different place.

So in the era of 24-hour opening, ever-demanding lifestyles and eye-watering transport costs, does every member of your team have to be ‘in’ every day?

The answer in the majority of cases will be ‘no’.

Need them in a meeting? Use Skype or Google Hangout.

Want to share thoughts on documents? Use Google Docs or another cloud-based system

Want to address the team? Record a video and post it on YouTube so that they can watch it at their leisure.

There are 1,001 smart ways to get around tasks that traditionally involve human interaction.

Now I’m not saying staff should never come into the office – far from it.

But a degree of flexibility and trust should surely be extended to your team. It’s 2015 for goodness sake!

They have laptops, they have tablets, they have mobiles, they have lives!

Face it, the main reason you want people at their desks is because you have to justify that building you rent, or even worse, own.

Otherwise it’s because you’re still living in 1974.

Be brave and you’ll not only help to reduce congestion and lift spirits, I have little doubt you’ll see a lift in productivity.

We did, and have.

PS: Unless you start to think differently as a boss, you may arrive at the office one day to be confronted by this

* Source: Department of Transport