We are all doing business differently during the lockdown… and hopefully learning some new skills.

I hosted my first webinar this week featuring five guests, all facing up to the challenges of this new world order.

I thought it had gone pretty well and had received some very encouraging feedback, until this morning… when a brilliant critique landed in my inbox.

It wasn’t until I read it for the third time that I realised that the person who had contacted me was a national broadcaster of some stature whose voice I have heard on many occasions commentating on a whole host of significant sports events.

He didn’t mince his words in terms of where he thought there was room for improvement … and I loved it.

To receive unsolicited guidance from such an expert in his field was gold dust to me.

I will be putting into practice some of his no-nonsense tips for our next webinar (details below) next week.

But, I have also been reflecting that, If it had not been for the lockdown and the cancellation of all sport, my kindly critic simply would not have had the time to watch my webinar let alone give me his feedback.

Yes, this is a dreadful, horrid, time but there are also some amazing, positive stories emerging despite that.

Astley Media Roundtable Webinar Wednesday April 15

How does a professional sportsman cope with simultaneously not being able to play and closing a business amid the Covid-19 crisis?

How does a rugby coach and former colleague, who are both owners of a property development company, deal with the challenge of selling their first home amid a market crash?

And how do you keep going when most of your work relies on being around people?

We will be asking all of these questions and more when we host our next Project Positivity Roundtable webinar on Wednesday April 15 at 11am.

Joining me will be well-known names to rugby supporters Gareth Steenson, Julian Salvi, Moray Low and Matt Jess.

This follows our first Roundtable earlier this week.

The mission of these webcasts is to highlight some of the positive ways in which businesses and entrepreneurs are meeting the challenges the current climate has created.

To register, click here: bit.ly/3aWuWuu

Marc Astley

CEO, Astley Media