Marketing Consulting Services

Marketing is about discovering possibilities about your brand and reaching your true potential.

It emcompasses every decision and action you take which relates to your target audiences.

Our expert marketing team, led by Chartered Institute of Marketing graduate Caroline Orr, know the right questions to ask to then make informed recommendations about your marketing strategy and plan.

Whether you’re starting out or scaling up, we have many years of combined marketing experience across different brands and sectors including tech, education and government.

We love providing marketing consultancy to forward-thinking and purpose driven brands to create stand-out marketing strategies that will engage and connect with your audiences.

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Marketing Discovery Sessions

Our experienced marketing team takes a well thought out approach to understanding your story, business objectives, purpose, market opportunity and audiences.

Through an initial Discovery Process and marketing audit, we dig deep and find out everything we need to know to shape your strategic and tactical marketing plan.

Defining who you are and what you want to achieve creates the basis for a strategic marketing plan that includes:

  • SMART marketing objectives
  • Target, positioning and differentiation strategies
  • Audience segmentation
  • Tactical activities (including marketing channels, campaigns and messaging) 
  • An action plan including resourcing and timelines 
  • A series of established metrics, helping measure ROI

Book a free 30 minute consultation to talk about your marketing strategy and plan.

Market Insights

Market insights are crucial to ensuring your marketing messages respond to  your audience’s wants and needs.

Our insights team combines qualitative and quantitative research with key learnings about your business, to deliver crucial insights; helping you to make better and informed decisions about your marketing strategy, improve your brand’s performance and harness opportunities for business growth. 

By building a value driven insight strategy, we uncover unique insights about audience behaviours, market trends and opportunities, product or service strengths and weaknesses and the customer journey. We dig deep to gain a thorough understanding of  the marketing messages, channels and content required to engage your target customers and increase brand awareness. The information accrued can also help to develop or redefine your brand positioning and value proposition; enabling you to really connect with your audiences and achieve competitive advantages in your sector. 

Using focus groups, surveys and workshops we help you to tune into what your audiences really think and feel, answer your brand and business challenges, improve the effectiveness of your marketing and  and uncover opportunities to retain customers and gain new ones   

Book a free 30 minute consultation to talk about your marketing strategy and plan.

Creative and Stand-out Marketing Campaigns

In today’s busy world where people receive constant messaging from organisations in their personal and professional lives, brands need to be more creative than ever before with their marketing campaigns to cut through the noise. 

Our approach to campaign planning is to establish the desired outcome, then identify the audience(s), their pain points and how to overcome them and/or add value. This gives them reasons to engage and respond. We then use our creativity and insight to develop a series of ideas that will showcase your brand, service or product with persuasive content across relevant channels. The campaign will always have a clear call to action and measures in place to analyse results.

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Astley Media is a South West Marketing Agency

Looking for marketing services in Exeter, Plymouth or Bristol? 

Astley Media is a South West marketing agency, specialising in discovering marketing possibilities in the tech, education and government sectors.

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