Successful PR & Marketing Strategies – Astley Media’s 5 Steps to Success

Writing a marketing strategy with a typewriter

In an ever-changing world, developing a clear marketing strategy that underpins your business goals and objectives is key.

With the right approach you will be able to better leverage potential new customers, contacts and collaborators.

At Astley Media, we’ve worked hard to make the complicated business of PR and marketing in the social media era a little more tangible.

We believe that there are five pillars you need to have in place if you really want people to know about, and understand, what you do.

And that has never been more important than in this current, uncertain, climate.

By following our unique Five Steps approach, you will create a solid platform for your business to build upon over the weeks and months ahead.

Writing a marketing strategy with a typewriter

So, let’s begin!

Step One: You the Storyteller

Step Two: Stand Up, Stand Out

Step Three: Be A Go Giver

Step Four: Be Your Own Publisher

Step Five: Build Your Tribe

Every individual, every business and every organisation has their own unique story… and the great thing about yours is that no one else can replicate it.

But to truly resonate, a story needs to be authentic, relatable and, above all, told well.

Our team are experts in identifying and communicating great brand stories creatively and imaginatively.

When a rival company is just a mouse click away, how do you stand out from the crowd? A good story is a great place to start but what else can you do to ensure that you are the ‘go to’ business in your field?

Put simply, you’ve got to be different from the rest.

It might be your exceptional, no-quibble, money-guaranteed, customer service approach, the fact that you donate a percentage of your profits to animal charities, or that you are one of top 100 companies in the UK to work for. Find your thing and shout about it!

We strongly believe that it’s not good enough just to be in business to make money. Of course, that is a priority but, increasingly, companies are recognising that they have a ‘higher purpose’.

Really smart brands are building ‘go-giving’ into their corporate model.

There are lots of examples of passionate companies balancing their corporate and social responsibilities which we’d love to share with you and, hopefully, inspire you to do the same.

UK national newspaper sales have fallen by nearly two-thirds over the last two decades.

The stark statistic shows the extent of the devastation that digital disruption has wrought on the traditional print-centric newspaper business model.

The old publishing model is dying but the good news is that you can easily, and at very little cost, build and serve your own defined audiences better than ever.

The trick is to work out which platforms work for you and deliver them brilliantly.

This step is all about how you turn people who like what you do into people who love what you do and people who love what you do into advocates for your brand.

But how?  Well, if you follow the first four steps, the fifth could be the easiest to complete.

You may start building your tribe due to a brilliant and compelling story, it might be that your stand out is something that gets people talking, perhaps your go-giving will engage a new and loyal audience or the content that you publish is helpful and shareable.

Or, it could be something else that’s unique and authentic to your organisation.